• Wouldn't it be fabulous...

    ... to get inspiration to act on a current problem you are grappling with.

    Wouldn't it be fabulous ...

    ... to get authentic insight about exactly what will make a positive difference in your life.

    Wouldn't it be fabulous...

    ...to talk about your dreams/worries with sympathetic listeners who have no vested interest of their own.

  • Workshops to help YOU find solutions.

    Because you are your own wise person!
    Feel Fulfilled. Feel Inspired.  Feel Empowered.

    Our fun online workshops are designed to take you from 'stuck' to 'sorted'.  We use Video Communication for just four participants at a time under the sympathetic assistance of a skilled facilitator. You will be encouraged, and supported, in a profound process that allows you to hear the guidance of your own inner wisdom. You will be introduced to the remarkable Profundity ALIVE Process which is a contemporary interpretation of a 5000 year old book of wisdom. 

    The Profundity ALIVE Process is a path to your inner voice.
    It is the path which can reveal the solution that is going to work
    for you, because the solution is truly your own. 

    The workshops are easy and fun and have already assisted hundreds of participants gain clarity and an authentic and personal understanding about the things that matter to them. 

  • The Profundity ALIVE Preliminary Workshop

    Each of our Video Conference workshops cater for a maximum of four attendees, plus the workshop facilitator. 

    The Preliminary Profundity Alive Workshop is delivered over four days - as a  90 minute session on each of four consecutive days with attendance on each day being  a requirement. 

    A manual is provided with worksheets.

    Each attendee agrees to protect the confidentiality of the other participants.

    We offer extended  in-depth workshops for attendees who have completed the Preliminary workshop.

    Please check the Bookings Section for available workshop blocks.

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  • We provide a Facilitator Training Program for people interested in learning how to become a Profundity Facilitator.

    Accredited Facilitators are trained to run their own workshops using the unique Profundity ALIVE Process.

    A job you love


    Flexible hours


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  • We are in the process of establishing a network of professionals who are familiar with the Profundity ALIVE process.

      Personal growth often indicates a desire for professional guidance and assistance. We would love those professionals to be familiar with the Profundity ALIVE  process. Members of the network will assist those workshop attendees who wish to further their personal progress with a sympathetic expert's guidance.

    Careers Advice 

    Health or Lifestyle Support     

    Creativity Tutoring 


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  • I’ve spent a long time watching others learn, and teach, so as to refine how the workshops with you are efficient, useful and most importantly memorable. I want you to carry what the Profundity ALIVE  Process reveals for you into an empowered and bright future.

    Caring is what I'm about, and facilitating Profundity workshops is where I am at my best. Facilitating is my meaningful way to be a part of the personal empowerment renaissance. I’m a qualified art teacher and CEO of Oceania Business Solutions. It took me over thirty years to create the Profundity ALIVE Process. I grew up in outer Sydney and now make the northern Gold Coast my home.


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  • Who needs happiness?

    16 April 2016
    Who needs happiness?

    What makes you jump for joy? Most people seek wealth in the belief that it will lead to happiness.  I wonder whether

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  • Tapping in to your inner wisdom

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  • Events



    Deep Dive My Question

    If you are truly wanting to explore a topic in far more depth  you will enjoy participating in the five part  Integrated  "Deep Dive My Question" sessions. Come to one session or book a series of five.

    It is anticipated that the four  90 Minute Sessions will be staggered across a weekend. 

    Details To Be Announced

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