• ProFUN Workshops use a purposely created Discovery Tool known as an "applied game'.  

    An applied game is a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. 

    The ProFUN Discovery Tool is interactive and absorbing and you will be using a board with moving pieces and cue cards.  There are also some other differences to conventional games in that each player sets their own goal and each player is the winner.

    The surprise element in the game style format makes it easy to discover, or uncover insights that you need to get the answers you are seeking.  You may want to discover an answer to a personal problem. eg What can I do to improve my relationship with my sister-in-law?" or you may want to know how to move ahead in your work life.  Some people have used ProFUN D.T. to discover big ideas like "What is my life's purpose?" and others have let it uncover the best way to tackle a creative pursuit.

    Even though it is simple - like a game, it is a profound experience.

    It is suited to all ages and a session generally  takes around four hours - when four people participate - less if there are less people.

    To get the most from your first ProFUN Focus session:

    Each participant should arrive prepared with a topi-quest; this is a topic or question they wish to explore during the session*. A simple checklist will be emailed to you before your session to assist with this.

    Each participant's objective is to discover the solution to their own topi-quest and play a part in helping their fellow Pro Fun D.T. workshop participants do the same.

    *A universal topi-quest that works well for first time users is:

    What is the best thing for me to be focusing on right now?



  • 2016 Workshop Program

    • Introduction to ProFUN DT

    Join us for a couple of hours to find out more about the wonderful experience of ProFUN DT. This is light introduction to how ProFUN DT works and gives the participants an opportunity to find their inner wisdom around an interesting topical issue.

    Programme – held every alternate Thursday evening

    19:15     Welcome from your Facilitator and Introductory Video Presentation
    19:40     Form groups of four to five participants to play “Game of the Day”. This is a game structured around a topic which changes every session and is something in the news about which people are likely to have an opinion.
    20:30     Refreshments
    20:50     Progress Round
    21:05     Wrap Up and Questions

    Spaces are limited so please make a booking.  For a limited time our Intro workshops are free and are held every alternate Thursday night until further notice. 

    Upcoming Events

    • ProFUN Focus Workshop

    This is our flagship long half day workshop where participants will each explore their personal topic or question in depth.

    We use the ALIVE Process to take you fully through your topic or question until you reach the last step which is expressing your newly discovered intentions.

    • A sk the right question
    • L isten for clues from your inner voice
    • I nvestigate your personal clues
    • V alidate those clues in a group discussion
    • E xpress aloud your new found intentions.
  • Programme held every alternate Saturday.

    09:00     Welcome from your Facilitator
    09:10     Form groups of four participants to begin the ALIVE Process – Choosing the topic.
    09:25     Round One
    10:00     Round Two          
    10:35     Refreshments


    10:55     Round Three      
    11:30     Round Four
    12:05     Round Five
    12:40     Personal Quiet Reflection Time – light   snacks.
    13:05     Intention Setting
    13:25     Feedback and Farewell

  • Bookings Essential.  Upon payment of your booking fee you will receive a welcome email and some workshop materials to help you to prepare your topi-quest.

    Fee: $55.00 Payment via Paypal or Credit Card

    Upcoming Events

    • Explore My Question

    This is an option to explore a topic or question in more depth.  Each of five sessions focusses on an aspect of your enquiry to bring the entire enquiry into a holistic state.

    In no particular order, you will investigate five inter-related components of your enquiry.

    • The main thrust is the theme and basis of what you are seeking.
    • You will examine the source or origins of the enquiry so that you understand what gave rise   to it and what motivates your interest in it.
    • Both the pattern and vibration of your enquiry are investigated. The pattern gives you  what is likely to happen in the practical arena and
    • The vibration addresses the effect socially or spiritually.
    • Every thing has a complement (meaning it goes well with something)  – that which balances   it and provides the dynamic tension that forms a useful aspect of your understanding.

    The programme follows the same general format as the ProFUN Focus workshop with slightly longer time allocated to the investigation and validation parts of the process. You will also be engaging with participants who, like you, are already familiar with the process.

    Programme Held every second and fourth Sunday of the month

  • 10:00     Welcome from your Facilitator
    10:10     Form groups of four participants – Stating the topic you wish to explore.
    10:15     Round One
    11:00     Round Two          
    11:45     Refreshments
    12:15     Round Three    

  • 13:00     Round Four
    13:45     Round Five
    14:30     Personal Quiet Reflection Time – light   snacks.
    15:15     Intention Setting
    15:45     Feedback and Farewell

  • Bookings Essential.  Upon payment of your booking fee you will receive your Explore My Question Workbook Materials.

    Fee: $110.00  per session on a casual basis

    Fee: $495.00 when you book the entire 5 session series (Ensures priority attendance – must be completed within 3 months)

    Payment via Paypal or Credit Card

    Upcoming Events

    • Facilitator Discovery Session

    Many people would love to help others find their inner wisdom and those may be interested to become Facilitators themselves.  We like to rename this process as “Felicitating” - which means you are encouragers and congratulators.

    We extend an invitation to those players who wish to explore the full yin and yang of their body, heart, mind and social-spirit to join the Felicitator Learning Series. Trainees holistically explore the journey of life and their personal interconnection with the ten thousand things (everything that exists).  After this training you will be qualified to lead a group through a Pro Fun D.T. session yourself.

    Come along to a two hour Facilitator Discovery Session to see whether you would like to attend the Facilitator Training Program. Details about session availability will be advised in the ProFUN Calendar ( see Upcoming Events).

    Fee: A donation of $50 must accompany your booking.

    This donation will be fully given to a wonderful foundation - waterlinechallenge.org *

    *The Waterline Challenge is an Australia wide event, which raises money to assist those who face adversity. The Waterline Challenge is the brainchild of Julian Day who himself is a three time survivor of childhood cancer.

    Upcoming Events