• Ask the right question, then listen to your inner voice

    Rediscover What Really Makes You Happy

    There is no reason to be stuck when you can become fearless in a unique and empowering workshop event

    Your Pro Fun D.T. Inspiration Centre

    A tranquil atmosphere in which to focus on your growth to freedom and happiness.

  • Wonderful workshops to take you from "Stuck" to "Sorted"

    We help you find solutions. After all - it's you who are your own wise person! 

    A very warm welcome to possibly the most inspiring workshop you will ever attend.  With the help of a skilled facilitator you will be ever so gently encouraged and supported in a profound process that allows you to hear the guidance of your inner wisdom. Pro Fun D.T. is a path to your inner voice waiting for you to walk upon it to reveal the solutions that are going to work for you, because they are truly your own.

    You will learn how to use the remarkable Pro FUN DT tool.
    It is easy and fun and has already assisted hundreds of participants gain clarity and understanding about the things that matter to them. 

  • Come and join in on a session with us learning how to use Pro Fun D.T. People love it. It is so easy to do this process. You will receive encouragement and support to uncover your own answers to a topic that is on your mind and you will have an enjoyable social time as well.

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  • As a facilitator you have the honour to be present when participants genuinely help one another, without judgement or pressure, to reach meaningful outcomes. It takes a special person to be a facilitator and if you think you might have what it takes please enquire about our facilitator training program.


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  • We are growing our network of experts who are available to take you further if you so desire; from career counsellors to health practitioners who understand the Pro Fun D.T. Process so you will continue to be supported.

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  • As a child of the fifties and living through the Flower Power seventies I have always dreamed of helping people get the very most out of life - off their own bat. It all started when I watched a tarot reader deliberately steer a reading for a girl he fancied himself away from the man she wanted to be with.  I realised then that the truest answers come from within ourselves and that there was precious little in our world that supported us to trust in that.

    Miraculously my quest resulted in me developing a technique that has already truly helped many people connect with their own wise person and so now I would like to extend this service to you.

    It took much of my spare time over the last thirty years to design Pro Fun D.T. – the Discovery Technique that empowers people to find personal solutions using their own inner oracle.

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