• The Profundity ALIVE Process ...

    ... begins when you ask the right question, then listen to your inner voice. From there you will never feel stuck again.

    Rediscover What You Were Born To Do

    You can make a difference - it may be in a small way or a big way. Profundity gives you the certainty you need to get started..

    Create A Profundity Inspiration Space

    As Zoom Video Conferencing is the basis of our workshops - you're encouraged to create a tranquil space in which to share your journey to empowerment.

  • Feel Fulfilled. Feel Inspired. Feel Empowered.

    The Profundity ALIVE Process helps you find solutions.

    After all - it's you who are your own wise person! 

    A very warm welcome to our inspiring workshops that are designed to take you from 'stuck' to 'sorted'.  With the help of a skilled facilitator you will be ever so gently encouraged, and supported, in a profound process that allows you to hear the guidance of your own inner wisdom.

    The Profundity ALIVE Process is a path to your inner voice. It is the path which can reveal the solutions that are going to work for you, because they are truly your own.

    In the workshop you will learn how to use the remarkable Profundity ALIVE Process - a contemporary interpretation of a 5000 year old book of wisdom. 

    It is easy and fun and has already assisted hundreds of participants gain clarity and an authentic and personal understanding about the things that matter to them. 

  • The Profundity ALIVE Preliminary Workshop

    It is easy to do this process. You will be encouraged and supported whilst uncovering your own answers to questions that are troubling your mind - and you will have an enjoyable social time as well.

    Our Zoom style workshop caters for a maximum of five attendees which includes the workshop facilitator.  The Preliminary Profundity Workshop is delivered as one 90 minute sessions on each of four consecutive days with attendance on each day being  a requirement. 

    A manual is provided with worksheets.

    Each attendee agrees to protect the confidentiality of the other participants.

    We offer extended  in-depth workshops for anyone who has completed the Preliminary workshop.

    Please check the Bookings Section for available workshop blocks.

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  • We provide a Facilitator Training Program for people interested in learning how to become a Profundity Facilitator.

    Accredited Facilitators are trained to run their own workshops using the unique the Profundity ALIVE Process.

    This is a highly rewarding experience. It is a real honour to be present when attendees genuinely help one another, without judgement or pressure, to reach meaningful outcomes. 

    It takes a special person to be a facilitator and if you think you might have what it takes please enquire about our facilitator training program.


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  • Calling on Practitioners in the Helping Professions

    We are expanding our post Profundity ALIVE network to include professionals who are familiar with the Profundity ALIVE process by virtue of having attended some workshops themselves.

      Inevitably workshop attendees will seek professional guidance and assistance in fulfilling their dreams from professionals. We would love those professionals to be familiar with the Profundity ALIVE  process. Members of the network will be well-suited to assist those workshop attendees wishing to further their personal progress with a sympathetic expert's guidance.

    This could be in the form of Career Counselling; Health or Lifestyle Support, or Creative Tutoring etc






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  • I’ve spent a long time watching others learn, and teach, so as to refine how the workshops with you are efficient, useful and most importantly memorable. I want you to carry what the Profundity ALIVE  Process reveals for you into an empowered and bright future.

    Caring is who I am and facilitating Profundity workshops is where I am at my best. Facilitating is my meaningful way to be a part of the personal empowerment revolution. I’m a qualified art teacher and CEO of Oceania Business Solutions. It took me over thirty years to create the Profundity ALIVE Process. I grew up in NSW and now make Qld my home.


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