• As a child of the fifties and living through the Flower Power seventies I have always dreamed of helping people get the very most out of life - off their own bat. It all started when I watched a tarot reader blatantly steer the reading for a girl, that he himself fancied, away from the man she wanted to be with.  I realised then that true answers come from within ourselves and we have lost our faith to trust in that.

    My quest resulted in me developing a technique that has already helped many people connect with their own wise person and so now I would like to extend this service to you.

    It took much of my spare time over the last thirty years to design Pro Fun D.T. – the Discovery Technique and applied game that empowers people to find personal solutions using their own inner oracle.

    I’ve seen marriages saved, relationships refreshed, businesses steered to success. People have searched for personal philosophies and pursued new ways of thinking about life. Others have written books using Pro Fun D.T. or composed music or poetry after the inspiration they found. Some have designed a front garden; others a fashion item.

    Pro Fun D.T. is a fun experience - where everyone gets a say - and where everyone gets an answer. I would love to show you how to get some answers too!   What really gives me the greatest thrill is helping people move forward -  with at least one less worry – or even better a whole new perspective on themselves.

    Our courses and workshops are held in sunny Robina on Queensland’s Gold Coast. If you are not a local why not come see us on your holidays!  There are light refreshments provided, the atmosphere is light hearted and fun. We live and work by the principles of "no harm"  -ahimsa, and we encourage all our ProFunsters to honour "the wonderful" in people" - namaste.

    I am writing a book called The Wonderful “game” of Profundity which explains the underlying philosophies that gave rise to the process. It is especially encouraging and helpful for anyone who has always put everyone else first and would like to rekindle their own dreams for a change – and I’m working on a series of podcasts interviewing people about how they are “Living the Life they love”.

     May you always be true to you and spread love everywhere you travel.