• Who needs happiness?

    What makes you jump for joy? Many people seek wealth in the belief that it will lead to happiness.  I wonder whether  it is the other way around.  Perhaps seeking happiness leads to wealth. Everyone has different ideas about what is happiness. And every Tom Dick and Harry offers

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    Tapping in to your inner wisdom

    Adapted from my forthcoming book “The Wonderful 'game' of Pro Fun D.T.”. How does one learn to tap into their inner wisdom? How do you even know what it is?  Or even whether it matters whether we connect with our inner wisdom.  To many people it sounds like La La and they can only  say,

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    The Sincere Question

    This is an adaptation from my forthcoming book “The Wonderful 'game of' Pro Fun D.T.” What is a sincere question ?  – that is a question for which you would really and truly appreciate an answer.  Do you have one of those? Life is full of questions let’s face it.   “What’s for

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