• What makes you jump for joy? Many people seek wealth in the belief that it will lead to happiness.  I wonder whether  it is the other way around.  Perhaps seeking happiness leads to wealth.

    Everyone has different ideas about what is happiness. And every Tom Dick and Harry offers their  solution to you – which often is just a solution to make themselves rich and hopefully happy as a result.

    Do you find you are getting as sick of handy hints and the ‘ten steps to happiness; wealth; or being best manager since time immemorial’ as I am? Has the tsunami like surge of breaking things down into bite-size chunks and presenting them as a checklist reached absurdity? Supposed experts everywhere are listing steps to save you time and effort to get stuff done. The notion is that when you get stuff done you will be able to experience happiness. Hmmmm? And are you, like countless others going along like a robot following the steps but finding  that it isn’t leading you anywhere you want to be?

    Deep down we all know life is a bit more complex. Even back in antiquity the ancient Chinese were more realistic. They calculated the components of life which they called ‘everything that exists in heaven and earth’ to be ten thousand. So to truly understand life perhaps a journey of ten thousand steps might be closer to the mark.

    Pro Fun DT is a  path with 10,000 steps  from which you can discover all things that make up heaven and earth and  it lets you see how having this knowledge can help you to become personally effective because it enables you to find just what you are looking for.

    Because it is based on the composite arrangement of all knowledge it is possible for the user of Pro Fun DT to connect with all knowledge easily. The more you know the less there is to fear. When you are not afraid you become effective.

    “Life is Beautiful.
    Knowledge is Life with Wings”   ~ Kahlil Gibran